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       Hubei Provincial Blower Works Co., Ltd. it the fixed blower production point of China, high-end equipment manufacturer in China, key enterprise in blower industry of China, governing unit of China Blower Association, high-tech enterprise of China, leader and parent enterprise of blower industry in Hubei province, it is the largest blower production base in Southeast China. The company is situated in Shili Industrial Zone, Guangshui City, Hubei Province, China. It covers more than 280mu with the building area of more than 160 thousand M2, has more than 300 million Yuan RMB of fixed assets and 1 billion Yuan RMB of production capacity.

       The company has strong technical force, complete research organization, it has established long-term cooperation relationships with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other universities. Until now, we have obtained more than 20 invention patents and nearly one hundred of utility model patents, more than 10 products have won the prize for important science and technology development in Hubei, sintering flue gas waster heat recovery circulating fan and axial fan with adjustable static blade have been evaluated as international advanced products. The technical center of the company was awarded as the fan technical center and post-doctor industry base of Hubei province.

       Our company owns advanced technical equipment, complete inspection method, 358 sets of production and inspection devices, and it has established microcomputer controlled excess speed testing center; all the products are designed by advanced CAD software and out products are in compliance with international standards; the company has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Authentication.

       At present, the company mainly engages in the production of 58 series and more than 600 variety of blowers and ventilators, which are extensively applied in machinery, chemical, power plant, mining, petroleum, lime, smelting, grain, environmental protection,military industry,shipand other industries. Leading products include: gas generating furnace, smelting, sulfuric acid, lime kiln, converter gas, coke oven gas, sintering, flotation, boiler, desulfuration, static blade adjustable, sewage treatment, cupola furnace, low noise and dedusting, shipping, primary dry dedusting axial fan for converter, high temperature, corrosion resistant, explosion resistant, wear resistant blowers and blowers of other uses; the company can also design and produce special blowers based on customers' requirements. Products of the company have won the National Science Conference Award, National Education Commission Science and Technology Achievement Award, High Quality Product Prize in National Mechanical Industry, High Quality Prize in Hubei Province, Energy Saving Prize, etc.; in recent years, our products have repeatedly won the honor of 'famous product in Hubei', 'Sanfeng' trademark of the company is evaluated as 'Famous Trademark of China'.

       The company owns a professional sales team, it has established more than 30 sales networks and service centers in China. Our products are well sold in China and are even exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, and many countries in America and Europe. Our service philosophy is customer satisfaction, solve problems for customers and win their trust.

About Us
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